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With the new trivum multiroom system V9 you get a smarter user interface and new advanced options to improve your multiroom system. The cleaner user interface helps you to make new installations within a few minutes and fasten any changes on exisiting configurations. New options as stable and reliable audio performance and support of many online streaming services expand your system to a new level.

With the starting of our new 7" TouchPad we optimized also our user interface for all TouchPads. New icons, new services and smoother operation are the main goals of V2.36 (or above).

With the MusicCenter V9, the support for the following devices, commands and functions can no longer be guaranteed:
  • trivum Keypad-M (2x16 chars)
  • trivum remote control (32/49 keys)
  • trivum RS232 adapter (old)
  • trivum infrared adapter
  • Skins for WebVisu (Gira, Jung FAP)
  • authorization groups
  • ZONE_COMMAND_1 to 8
  • Multikeys
  • virtual devices in the RTI driver
  • C4: device control no longer supported (menu devices)

ServerAdmin Tool

All trivum devices are configured via their IP addresses. We recommend you to install the trivum ServerAdmin Tool to easily find out about the IP addresses of your trivum devices. The ServerAdmin Tool lists all trivum devices and their IP addresses in your network.

And: the ServerAdmin Tool is the easiest way to update your system.

Please download and install the latest version:

After having installed the ServerAdmin Tool,

  1. Open the ServerAdmin Tool.
  2. Double-Click on the device you want to configure.
    → The Multiroom Setup Tool opens.

Tip: For later configuration, you can directly enter the corresponding device IP address in your browser.

Preparing the V9 Update

Please make a backup of your master device configuration before the upgrade.
To do so, select in the master web configuration: Admin / Advanced / Backup.
Your V8 device must have software version 8.74 or higher.
Connected Touchpads must have version 2.13 or higher.
If not, run a normal update of everything before trying the V9 update.

MusiCenter V9 Update via ServerAdmin Tool

If you are running trivum with master and slave devices, please update only the master device. All slave systems will update automatically.
If touchpads are connected to the trivum master device you have to make the same procedure for these TouchPads.
  1. Start the ServerAdmin Tool
  2. Select FileSetup Channels
  3. Enter
    Main Version: 9
    Sub Version: beta
    Updatev9 1 setup channel.png
    Updatev9 2 setup channel.png
  4. Click OK
    → The list is updated and on column Available you see V9
    Updatev9 4 Available markiert.png
  5. Right-Click on your component to update and select Start softwareupdate
    Updatev9 5 software update.png
    → After downloading the softwareupdate, the trivum device will restart to install the new software. This may take a moment.

MusicCenter V9 Update without ServerAdmin Tool

  1. Open a web browser

  2. Enter the IP address of your trivum Multiroom Master device, e.g
  3. Click on Basic Setup

  4. Check Use expert mode for configuration

  5. Enter the following at Advanced options
    channel v9 beta

    Update v9 without-serveradmintool 01.png

  6. Click AdminCheck for software updates
    Update v9 without-serveradmintool 02.png

  7. Confirm the following question with YES

  8. Optional: Check Include TouchPads in Update

  9. Enter
    at Should the software be updated

    Update v9 without-serveradmintool 03.png

→ The update process is starting immediately. After downloading the software update, the trivum device will restart to install the new software. This may take a moment.