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Latest software updates: Read the list of V8 changes here. The very latest updates require to set System/Basic/use Beta before running Admin/Check for updates.
Read the list of V9 changes here. The very latest updates require to set Nightly Builds on updates.
Touchpad release notes are also available for V8 and for V9.
Please note that V8 devices cannot be combined with V9 devices. Read more details under Troubleshooting.
Read here how to Update from trivum V8 to V9

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MusicCenter V9How to update
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MusicCenter V9Manual
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CONTROLHigh-quality wallmounted controllers for music and light.
REGSeveral audio actuators and amplifiers for the DIN rail.
FLEXDesigned for contractors who need a complete all-in-one solution.
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DESIGNModern and compact audio solution with great design.
PROModular, powerful and flexible professional system.
SPEAKERThe fitting speakers for everybody – always with the best sound quality.
ACCESSORIESUseful accessories for any purpose.

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