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Since Summer 2014 the iPhone App V2 is available. It requires a trivum server with software V8 and an Apple device with software iOS 7 or higher. The app will not work on iOS 6 or lower.

The App opens the Webtouch visualization of the server, allowing to control all functions of the trivum Multiroom Audio System.

When running the App the first time, press Select trivum system to get a list of trivum servers in you network. If only one server is present then it should be selected automatically.

You may change between the Webtouch visualization and the server list anytime by touching the round half circle button at the left or right side.


The most important features are:

  • Creates a web browser view to the new webtouch interface. This means whenever your trivum server is updated, the user interface available through this App is updated as well.
  • TuneIn support (Requires Server 7.65 or higher. For full support of Favourite Lists it should be Server 7.72)
  • Landscape Orientation Support
  • More stable detection of trivum Server in the Wireless LAN using Unicast messaging if a Server 7.72 is present


In the App store, search for trivum, then select "trivum Controller V2" (but NOT the old "trivum Controller for iPhone). It requires a trivum server running software V8.



A list of all Troubleshootings concerning the trivum App you can find here.


App 2.0.0

Available since Summer 2014.

App 1.0.8

Available since 29-Oct-12. It was intended only for trivum systems with a server software V7, and runs on a wide range of iOS system versions.


trivum iPhone App Changelog


- crash on missing network
- no network access if App was in background
- "playing" button did not change to playing view
- crash on albums with 1 character title




Known Compatibility Issues

Webtouch visualization / iPhone App: will no longer work on iOS 5 devices from server version 8.61 on.