Search trivum Server (Controller) in the network

From trivum

To find out the current IP address of the trivum server, you may use one of these tools:

ServerAdmin Tool

All trivum devices are configured via their IP addresses. We recommend you to install the trivum ServerAdmin Tool to easily find out about the IP addresses of your trivum devices. The ServerAdmin Tool lists all trivum devices and their IP addresses in your network.

And: the ServerAdmin Tool is the easiest way to update your system.

Please download and install the latest version ( 1.32):

After having installed the ServerAdmin Tool,

  1. Open the ServerAdmin Tool.
  2. Double-Click on the device you want to configure.
    → The Multiroom Setup Tool opens.

Tip: For later configuration, you can directly enter the corresponding device IP address in your browser.

"tlist" Command line tool

The tlist command line tool is an old version of the trivum ServerAdmin tool. It lists all trivum devices and their IP addresses. You can download the tlist Command line tool for Windows and Mac.


  1. Go to
  2. Download the files tlist.exe and libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
  3. Double-click on tlist.exe

Mac OS:

Do NOT use the finder to download anything by FTP, as it will destroy the files (it probably uses text mode instead of the required binary mode).
  1. Instead, use an FTP client like FileZilla.
  2. Download Installer/servicetools/tlist-mac
    Open a terminal (shell) window and type in the command line:
    user: anonymous 
    [no password] 
    cd Installer 
    cd servicetools 
    get tlist-mac 
  3. Exit FTP by typing

Then prepare the tool by

chmod +x tlist-mac

and run it by


For download by web browser select "Save As" with right mouse button then select a simple directory with short name, e. g. under windows C:\TEMP is recommended, to find that folder easily in the next step.


  1. open the command line (CMD.EXE)
  2. change into the download folder
  3. Enter

Mac OS

  1. open a terminal
  2. change into the download folder
  3. Enter
    chmod 777 tlist 

Now you should get a list of trivum components in the network, like

24.07.2012 10:05:48 trivum ComponentFinder V1.08 (VJul 20 2012/14:31:58)
24.07.2012 10:05:48
24.07.2012 10:05:48 Own IP :
24.07.2012 10:05:48
24.07.2012 10:05:48 Found  : KeypadTouch      SNR=     554318 IP= V:0.01  (used=7)
24.07.2012 10:05:48 Found  : MusicCenter      SNR=      10325 IP= V:7.67  (used=8)
24.07.2012 10:05:48 Found  : KeypadTouch      SNR=     554818 IP= V:0.01  (used=9)
24.07.2012 10:05:48 Found  : Cardhost         SNR=       1103 IP= V:1.12  (used=11)

Look for one of these components:

  • Controller/Processor with a Serialnumber ending with "06" (System V6)
  • MusicCenter with a Serialnumber ending with "25" (System V7/V8)

If you see something like "X3" with an IP of, then this entry can be ignored; it is just a Cardhost with it's default IP. If you ONLY see such an X3 entry, but no Controller or MusicCenter, then the actual main system didn't start up at all.