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Index Playlist

An Index Playlist is a normal playlist with a special name scheme. It must contain P1, P2, P3 ... etc somewhere in the name (with blank spaces before and after).

P1 my playlist

My P1 playlist

My playlist P3
Example: Index Playlist

How to create a Playlist

There are multiple options to do so:

via iTunes

Create a playlist in iTunes and export them as .M3U-file

via Editor

Create a plain text with a format like you can see in the example below and save them as .M3U-file.


#EXTINF:-1,Deutschlandfunk - MP3
#EXTINF:-1,MDR Sputnik Livestream


#EXTINF:232,La Grange - ZZ TOP
smb://RackStation/T-Drive/Musik/trivumDemo/ZZ Top/Greatest Hits/La Grange.mp3
#EXTINF:239,Gimme All Your Lovin' - ZZ TOP
smb://RackStation/T-Drive/Musik/trivumDemo/ZZ Top/Greatest Hits/Gimme All Your Lovin'.mp3
#EXTINF:254,Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ TOP
smb://RackStation/T-Drive/Musik/trivumDemo/ZZ Top/Greatest Hits/Sharp Dressed Man.mp3

You can also find examples under

How and where to store

The trivum system may import .M3U playlist files from a NAS in a folder called Playlist, Playlists or Playlisten at the top level of the NAS share. The folder name is case insensitive.

MusicCenter V8: The .M3U files may also reside in any folder within a given NAS share.


For example, music is stored on a NAS syndisk under a share named music, and the share registered in trivum reads like:

  1. Create a Playlist folder directly under music
  2. Store your playlist file (.M3U) onto the NAS
  3. Rescan the NAS share with trivum.

Export a playlist in iTunes

Within iTunes, right click on a playlist and select export as .M3U.

How to store music files for best matches

Make sure to store your music in a folder structure like

artist / album / trackname
ZZ Top/Afterburner/Planet of Woman.mp3
Example: Folder structure

Then, when exporting Playlists as .M3U files, they will contain path informations like

C:\Musik\Mike Oldfield\The Very Best Of\Shadow On The Wall.mp3

The trivum system will ignore C:\Musik and try to match music files on the NAS by the last three path components, e. g.

Mike Oldfield/The Very Best Of/Shadow On The Wall.mp3

So make sure that on both, the NAS and on your PC, all music is stored in the same folder structure.

If music files cannot be matched by the path name, the system tries to match them by artist and track name, however this is not reliable as special characters in those names may cause mismatches.