IR/RS232 Adapter

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Power supply

The IR/RS232 Adapter needs a 15 V power supply. We recommend to directly connect a 15 V DC power supply to the Adapter.
Alternatively, you can use...

  • A POE switch that delivers 48 V via CAT 5 cable
  • A CAT 5 Power Injector, which itself is connected to a 48 Volts power supply.
Caution Never connect a 48 Volts power supply directly to the adapter!!


Initial setup of the IR/RS232 Adapter

For initial setup of the trivum IR/RS232 Adapter

  1. Download the trivum IR Tool (Install-IrTool-*.exe) from
  2. Install and run the tool.
  3. If the IR/RS232 Adapter is connected to the network, it should appear automatically at the left under Serial.
  4. Select the adapter by its serial number.
  5. Click on the flash symbol to connect to the adapter.
  6. Wait until it shows Connected.

Hold your IR remote control in front of the adapter, in a distance no longer than 40 cm.

Programming the IR Adapter

To program the trivum IR/RS232 Adapter with commands of an IR remote control follow these steps:

Repeat the following steps for all commands:

  1. Search the "IR command" button. It shows a rectangle curve, and on startup, there should be a zero right to it, meaning zero commands have been received yet.
  2. Press a button on your IR remote control.
  3. If the adapter receives the command, the IR command button increases its counter.
  4. Drag+drop the IR command button to a slot above it.
    → A pop-up window appears.
  5. Enter a command name and optionally select a multikey. (For example, if you pressed Power Off, select M: Power off.)
  6. In the Page column select Use for page 1.
  7. Close the connection.

Storing commands into a database file

After all commands have been programmed, also look at the File area at the left bottom.

  1. Click the new file-button
  2. Enter a filename to store the current database. (Make sure to select a writeable folder (NOT within "Program Files")).
  3. Drag + drop the commands to store from the top area into the file area.
→ On every drag + drop the database file is written automatically.

You may also drag + drop whole Pages from the top Page area to the bottom, taking over all commands of a page in one step.

Loading commands from a database

In the File area at the left bottom, click S and select a folder containing database files.

Tracing IR/RS232 Adapter communication

You can trace the communication of your IR/RS232 Adapter. This is especially useful to quickly find errors when your adapter doesn't react.

Trace communication over MusicCenter V7

  1. Activate device I/O tracing at server side
  2. select AddonsDevicesopen deviceadvancedverboseMode
  3. Send test commands: AddonsDevicesopen deviceCommandsSend
  4. Open in the web browser
    → If you see messages like
    << send: "MYCOMMAND {0D}{0A}"
    this means a command was SENT to the Adapter, and the Adapter tried to forward to the device.
    → If you see messages like:
    >> recv:
    this means a response was received from the device.

Please note, that it depends on the chosen device driver if responses are listed. Unidirectional drivers may never list a response.

In such a case, trace the communication directly at the adapter.

Trace communication directly at the Adapter

To trace the communication directly at the adapter you have to find out

and you have to download and install the trivum trace tool (see trivum Trace Tool)

IR/RS232 Adapter Version 1.12 and lower


  1. Start trivum trace tool
  2. Enter
    trace adapterip


  1. Start trivum trace tool
  2. Enter
    chmod 777 trace-mac
    ./trace-mac adapterip 
    chmod 777 trace-mac
    → Now you should see something like
    trivum TraceMonitor V1.08 (Port=1222 Target=, VMar 14 2013/11:11:41)
  3. you may press
    • i for information
    • t to toggle event tracing outputs

IR/RS232 Adapter Version 1.13 and higher

Make sure you are using trace tool 1.09 or higher, otherwise you cannot trace the adapter.


  1. Start trivum trace tool
  2. Enter
    trace ir adapterSerialNumber


  1. Start trivum trace tool
  2. Enter
    chmod 777 trace-mac 
    ./trace-mac ir adapterSerialNumber

No interactive options are available.

Control the device manually

Instead of sending commands via trivum to the device, also try to control the device directly, e.g. by switching on a DVD player by its power key, then loading a DVD and skipping tracks manually, to produce possible RS232 replies that may show up in traces as described above.

Typical RS232 Adapter replies

depending on the adapter firmware, more or less information is shown.

RS232 Adapter V 1.03 examples
Got cmd #64 Means adapter got an RS232 command from the trivum server which will be
forwarded to the actual RS232 device.
Sent message to device Typically after cmd #64, the command was sent to the actual RS232 device.
Got cmd #67 Means adapter got an AdapterInfo request
Sent device reply to controller {IP} Means adapter got data from the actual RS232 device and sends it to the server

This firmware allows interactive 'i' command to check some cable pin status.

System Informations


System V7:

  • The Firmware Version is listed under Adapters.

IP address

System V7:

  • The IP address is listed under AddonsDevices in the Status column

Serial Number

System V7:

  • The Serial Number is listed under AddonsDevices in the Status column


A list of all Troubleshootings concerning the IR/RS232 Adapter you can find here.