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Network failure on group play: Read article Group Play: no sound at receiving devices - recommended Network Switches and their configuration,
if AudioBox/SC/RP group play produces audio dropouts, a slow network or slow visualizations.

Touchpad network failure with static IP: If you use ARM9 touchpads with software 2.42 or lower and cannot update, or experience other network failure,
then please read this article.

if AirPlay inputs cannot be found on an iOS 10 device: With iOS 10, Apple changed the user interface on iPad/iPhone. there are two Airplay input selectors. do not use the left one, as it is for screen mirroring only, and will not list trivum. swipe from right to left, then use the right input selector where trivum should appear. Furthermore, once you select the trivum input it will jump to the list start.

V8 and V9 devices are not compatible. If you have several trivum music server devices and want to combine them as master/slave then all must be either V8 or V9.
If you have a trivum music server with Touchpads then

  • either all must have V8 line software, meaning server version V8.x and Touchpads V2.13
  • or all must have V9 line, meaning server version V9.x and Touchpads V2.40

Weather forecast requires Touchpad V2.11. Due to a change of the weather forecast provider it is required to update the Touchpads. To do so, select Developer / Keypads at the right top, then click Update per Touchpad. The list of Touchpad changes is available here.

Empty Web Visualization with iOS 9.3.5 iPad, iPhone, Safari browser If this occurs update your trivum server to v8.75 beta build 11952 or v9.05 nightly build 11952.
If your system still runs software version 6 or 7 please contact trivum support.
AirPlay with iOS9 requires V8.68 software or higher. AirPlay produced by iOS9 iPhones or iPads requires at least trivum software version v8.68. AirPlay problem with C4 on 2nd, 3rd streamsource card: The zone will not switch on unless you update to V8.73 beta build 11441. InStreamer: if Digital Input is distorted: Update InStreamer to Firmware V1.07, available with Build 11532 of the latest V8 or V9 server software. RPx actuators: if unexpected restarts occur: Update to the latest Beta build 11520 or higher. InStreamer: if Update fails Read more here.


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