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AudioActuator 4x




Initial Setup

Follow the first steps manual as given under

Precondition: Make sure the Actuator is physically running, with LEDs lighting up and connected to the LAN. (see also LED light blink codes)

The trivum Actuator has to be configured via its IP address. There are several possibilities to find out about the IP address of your Actuator. We recommend you to install the trivum ServerAdmin Tool.

ServerAdmin Tool

All trivum devices are configured via their IP addresses. We recommend you to install the trivum ServerAdmin Tool to easily find out about the IP addresses of your trivum devices. The ServerAdmin Tool lists all trivum devices and their IP addresses in your network.

And: the ServerAdmin Tool is the easiest way to update your system.

Please download and install the latest version:

After having installed the ServerAdmin Tool,

  1. Open the ServerAdmin Tool.
  2. Double-Click on the device you want to configure.
    → The Multiroom Setup Tool opens.

Tip: For later configuration, you can directly enter the corresponding device IP address in your browser.

For all further steps, read the context help in these pages, and the FAQ area under:

Using static IP

If DHCP is available at least once then the device can be reconfigured to use static IP in the future.

To set a static IP:

  1. Open the Multiroom Setup Tool
  2. Click System Basic Setup
  3. Activate the checkbox Use expert mode for configuration
  4. Activate the checkbox Use static IP instead of DHCP

Updating the AudioActuator Software

  1. Open the Multiroom Setup Tool
  2. Click AdminCheck for software updates
  3. Confirm the security query
  4. In the input field Should the software be updated? manually enter
    to immediately start the update progress.

If you want to search for alpha/beta versions, click SystemBasic SetupUse alpha/beta versions for software updates

Tip: If you use AudioActuator (4x) and/or AudioBox in a master/slave configuration, you must only update the master.

→ All slaves will download the new software version automatically.



The red LED is on during start phase.

LED blink code

green yellow red description
off flashing synchroneously once per second device is starting
flashing off software is fully operational
on off on/blinking shortly DHCP server cannot be reached (see DHCP Server cannot be reached)

If an actuator is blinking red, and you press Reset, the red blinking may continue for a while until the device has fully restarted. Please wait at least one minute after pressing Reset until the blinking stops.



  • check if error messages appear
    → if so, also see AirPlay Startup Errors
    → if no errors appear then AirPlay should be active.

You may check per Zone the Basic settings:

  1. Open the server's configuration web GUI
  2. Click Zones
  3. Click Edit-icon left to your zone
  4. Select Basic settings

Control Zone by AirPlay should be checked by default

This means as soon as AirPlay input is coming the zone is switched on automatically.

Identifying the AudioActuator by serial number

Find the serial number printed on the AudioActuator itself, and in the web configuration GUI at the top after SNR.


A list of all Troubleshootings concerning the AudioActuator you can find here.