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The trivum TouchPad is an all-purpose operating device attached to the wall with a graphic display and capacitive Touch. As a room controller it operates lighting, climate, sunblinds, scenes and e.g. door openers. It shows information of cameras, meteorological services and energy controllers. As music controller, the trivum 7” TouchPad can control all trivum products in the series REG, FLEX, DESIGN and PRO. Controlling your music is extremely easy, fast and looks excellent.


  • Comfortable music-search
  • simple configuration via web browser
  • brushed aluminum frame
  • available in black and silver
  • huge 7″ (17.8 cm ) screen diagonal
  • KNX control
  • capacitive touch display with 16.7 million colors



Required components for installation:

To use the 7" TouchPad in connection with trivum Multiroom Audio System you need also

  • trivum device(s) (e.g. RP, FLEX, AudioBox etc.)
  • network DHCP capable router
  • music archive (network share, NAS)

Optional components are

  • internet connection (required for software updates, remote support and music streaming via Internet)
  • music streaming provider account
  • KNX/IP router (required for using the TouchPad as a KNX room controller)


  1. Mount the wall box 4.3"
  2. Screw the four short screws with the four distance bolts on the adapter plate [A]
  3. Adjust the adapter plate in the wall box to set a aproper distance between the TouchPad and the wall [B]
  4. Connect the Cat-5 cable and plug in (see: Connections)
  5. Insert the TouchPad in the wall box [C]
  6. The adjustment aid should be positioned so that the TouchPad is in balance [D]
The 7" TouchPad is usable in landscape and portrait mode.


To link the TouchPad to your trivum device:

  1. Wait a few seconds after connection until the TouchPad has booted
  2. On the starting screen press Pair TouchPad with Audio System. Control touchpad linking pairAudioSystem.png
  3. Press Select... and select your preferred trivum MusicCenter fromt the pop-up menu Control touchpad linking selectMusicCenter.png
If you want to have the full functionality of your 7" TouchPad, please make sure your trivum multiroom system is running version 9. See also V9 Update


The trivum TouchPad has to be configured via web browser. To identify the TouchPads IP please go on the TouchPad:

  1. Press on the right upper corner trivum
  2. Press settingsTouchpad settingsInfo
  3. Open you web browser and type in the IP to open the trivum TouchPad WebConfig

TouchPad as KNX controller

Per default the TouchPad is configured as trivum audio controller without any need for KNX. If your home has a KNX installation, you can use the 7" TouchPad as a smart KNX room controller. You can add simply embedded web objects (e.g. weather forecast, webcams etc.) or KNX objects like dimmer, switches, shutters etc. via the trivum TouchPad WebConfig. The KNX programming of the TouchPad is done via web browser. No need for extra KNX software. See also KNX for further informations about KNX and trivum.

  1. Open the trivum TouchPad WebConfig
  2. Click KNX Settings
  3. Enable Use KNX/IP
  4. Go back to the TouchPad WebConfig main page
  5. Click Page Editor
  6. Move the mouse over the square where you want to place your button and click the plus-button
  7. Choose your preferred Apps or KNX Buttons
  8. Enter the specific settings for this App or the KNX group addresses for this KNX button

Change TouchPad mode

You can set the default mode of the TouchPad to audio control or knx control

  1. Open the trivum TouchPad WebConfig
  2. Click Basic Setup
  3. Click TouchPad mode
  4. Select Mainly used to control trivum audio oder Mainly used to control KNX


Once you have completed the setup, we recommend you to make a backup of your configuration:

  1. Open the trivum TouchPad WebConfig
  2. Click Backup/RestoreExport/import configuration
  3. Follow the instructions


Display type TFT LCD
Screen diagonal 7“
Display color 16.7 Mio.
Backlight white LEDs
Touch technology capacitive touch panel
Resolution 1024 x 600
Aspect ratio 16:9
Brightness 450 cd/m²
Contrast ratio 600-800:1
Viewing angle 170°/170°
Operating temperature -20...+50 °C
Total weight (incl. cover) 400 g
Material brushed aluminum
Color naturally anodized aluminum
black anodized aluminum
Dimensions 176 mm x 110 mm x 11 mm
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T with PoE (x1)
Power supply
via PoE (Power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3af
Class 1
Input voltage 48 V
Wiring T568B
Max. power consumption 5 W
Stand-by power ca. 4 W
trivum application based on Linux. Update via internet
Tool web browser, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Wall mounting with the trivum in wall box 4.3", magnetic mount
Functions Operation of lighting, sunblind, climate, scenes, IP camera, weather
Connection via KNX/IP router

1 KNX is not required to use the main functions of the trivum 7" TouchPad.


LAN side TouchPad side
Control connection B.png
Control connection A.png


A list of all Troubleshootings concerning the 7" TouchPad you can find here.


  • Quick Installation Guide (en)
  • Datasheet (de|en)
  • Product picture (zip)


Group addresses (GA)

On a trivum TouchPad, the dimmer object can use the following group addresses (GA):

1) GA to set on/off 1 Bit
2) GA to read status 1 Bit
3) GA to control brightness 4 Bit
4) GA to set brightness value 1 Byte
5) GA to read brightness 1 Byte

Note: You should NOT combine 3) and 4) as this is unlogic. If 3) is set then 4) will not send any brightness values.

If 4) is defined then:

  • whenever the dimmer is switched OFF it will send 1-bit 0 on address 1), but nothing on address 4)
  • if the dimmer is switched ON and the recent brightness was >= 2 then it will send the recent 8-bit brightness to 4) but nothing to 1),
i.e. no 1-bit 1 is sent in parallel, to avoid confusion by redundant data at the target dimmer actuator.
  • if the dimmer is switched ON and the recent brightness was < 2 then it will just send 1-bit 1 to 1) but nothing to 4) to avoid confusion by redundant data at the target dimmer actuator